1- Studies on Mastitis

Researches were done in regards to epidemiological and diagnostic aspects on bovine subclinical and clinical mastitis to evaluate the efficacy of indirect tests in diagnosis of mastitis in species like bovine, buffaloes and caprine. Besides, this studies on clinical and lacteal cellular response in mastitis in Rathi cattle was done with special reference to antibiotic therapy.

2- Studies on Ketosis

Clinical and clinico – biochemical and heamatogical studies on ketosis and milk fever was done in indigenous, crossbred cows, bulffaloes and goats. Studies were also done in regards to biochemical and hormonal changes in ketosis cows in Bikaner region.
Clinico Biochemical and Mineral Studies in Ketotic Cows

3- Cutaneous Leishmaniasis

Incidence of Leishmaniasis tropicainfection was recorded in and around Bikaner in dogs and human being along with its successful cultivation on biphasic and NNN media. Also the diagnosis and successful treatment trials of were performed for cutaneous leishmaniasis in dogs with antigenic characterization of fractions of Leishmaniatropica. Successful experimental transmission of Leishmaniasis tropica infection achieved in dogs and mice.

4- Polioencephalomalacia

Experimental and clinical studies on Polio- encephalomalacia (Cerebrocortical necrosis) were done in goats, sheep, buffaloes and calves induced by amprolium in arid zone of Rajasthan.

5- Canine cardiology

Studies were performed in regard to biomarkers,diagnostics and therapeutic aspect of cardiomyopathy and canine arrhythmias in canine.

6- Bovine haemoprotozan

Clinico-haemato-biochemical and therapeutic studies were done on theileriosis in calves along with clinical studies on theileriasis in Rathi cattle and Piroplasmosis in crossbred cows in Bikaner (Rajasthan).
Clinico-haemato-biochemical and therapeutic studies on babesiosis in Cattle is very useful research work in haemoprotozan diseases.

7- Dermatology

Clinical studies were performed on allergic dermatitis, Dermatomycosis in cattle in arid zone of Rajasthan along with experimental studies on allergic dermatitis in cattle. Also the lipid profile was investigated in relation to skin disease in dogs. Highly specialized researches were done in camel in regards to clinical and therapeutic aspects of sarcopticosis. Significance of deficiency of Vitamin A and Zinc is highlighted with reference to dermatology.

8- Q- fever

Surveillance and sero- prevalence of Coxiellasis (Q- fever) was studied in goat, camel, cattle, buffaloes, sheep and human beings in and around Bikaner.

9- Rumen disorder

Clinical studies on ruminal acidosis were performed in goats along with use of variation of ruminal fauna of ruminal pH in diagnostic disorders of cattle and lipases as clinical index in diseases of cattle.

10- Brucellosis

The incidence of brucellosis in goats and human beings was studied in western part of Rajasthan by serological methods. Also the sero-epidemiological investigation of brucellosis was done in cattle, sheep camel and human beings in and around Bikaner along with studies on its zoonotic importance.

11- Helminthiasis

Researches done in this regard includes clinico-therapeuticaspect of intestinal helminthiasis in poultry, camel, goats , equines and balantidiosis in calves in and around Bikaner.

12. Equine colic

Researches done on clinical studies on equine colic.

13. Biomarkers of oxidative stress

Significance of Biomarkers of oxidative stress and therapeutic efficacy of antioxidants in donkey in varying ambient temperatures.
Some Studies in Oxidative Stress in Helminths infected horses

14. Anemia

Clinical studies on anemia with reference to trace elements (Cu, Co & Fe) deficiency in crossbred cows,sheep and goats is informative research.