Super-specialization of the Department of Clinical Veterinary Medicine

  • Expertise in epidemiological, diagnostic, zoonotic and therapeutic aspect of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis along with its cultivationon biphasic and NNN media, antigenic characterization of fractions of Leishmania tropica and successful experimental transmission in dogs and mice.Treatment  of  Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in dogs with RF Therapy.
  • Expertise on clinical, biochemical and therapeutic aspects on Bovine Ketosis.
  • Comprehensive mineralprofilingstatus in cattle and camel in relation to clinical and epidemiological aspects.
  • Super specialized indiagnostic and therapeutic aspects on bovine subclinical and clinical mastitis.
  • Super specialized in Forensic Medicine for estimation of time of death by various methods.
  • Expertise in oxidative stress at varying ambient temperatures and therapeutic efficacy of antioxidants in donkeys.
  • Superspecialization in experimental and clinical aspect of Polio- encephalomalacia (Cerebrocortical necrosis) in goats, sheep, buffaloes and calves induced by amprolium.
  • Canine cardiology

Studies were performed in regard to biomarkers,diagnostics and therapeutic aspect of cardiomyopathy and arrhythmias in canine.