Student Activities

Tracking Program

Sr. No. ActivitiesAdvisor
Tracking  Program
1.Feline Medicine/Canine MedicineDr. J. P. Kachawaha

Cryobiology of GameteDr. G.N. Purohit/J.S. Mehta

NeurosciencesDr. Nalini Kataria

Clinical/Interventional NutritionDr. Tribhuwan Sharma

Dermatology/Integument ScienceDr. Hemant Dadhich

Alternate Veterinary MedicineDr. A. P. Singh

OphthalmologyDr. Parveen Bishnoi

AnesthesiologyDr. Parveen Bishnoi

Small Animal Critical CareDr. A.P. Singh

Non-Mammalian MedicineDr. Basant Bais

Sports Animal MedicineDr. Mahendra Tanwer

Drug DressingDr. Lakshmi Narayan

Study Circle

Sr. No. ActivitiesAdvisor
1Livestock & livelihood Study  Circle
2Production Systems Study Circle Dr. S.C. Goswami
3Ecosystems and Livestock Study  CircleDr. R.K. Nehra
4Equine Study Circle Dr. Anil Bishnoi
5Canine Study CircleDr. J. P. Kachawaha
6Diagnostic Study CircleDr. Anil Kataria
7Alternate Animal Use CircleDr. Arun Jhirwal
8Fun/Sport Animal Study CircleDr. Arun Jhirwal
9Laand Veterinary Science Study Circle Dr. (Mrs.)Anju Chahar

Tracking Program: A student has to compulsorily take any two programmes of two credits each 2X2=4 credits) any time (one semester duration each) during second year to fifth year of B.V.Sc. & A.H. Degree Course. Evaluation of the students for this programme shall be done internally on Grade basis (A-Excellent, B-Good, C-Average). In case of unsuccessful candidates,/the programme can be carried over to the next semester/year.

Study Circle: Each student of B.V.Sc. & A.H. Degree course shall have to enroll himself/herself for at least two Study Circle activities during the B.V.Sc. & A.H. degree course out of the proposed Study Circle. Each enrolled student shall have to present a Seminar on the topics of his/her Study Circle any time during the Semester. The date and time of the Seminar shall be notified inviting participation of all students. The Study Circle shall also put up news, wall papers, drawings, exhibits of their subject in the college. The evaluation of the student for each of the registered Study Circle shall be done by the Advisor who grade them as A- xcellent, B-Good, C-Average as per their performance. The same shall be recorded in the Degree Transcript along with the grades obtained. No student shall be allowed to change/the Circles during the professional year.