Only the candidates who are bonafide residents of Rajasthan will be eligible for scholarships

1. University Merit Scholarships

The following university merit scholarships are awarded to the students standing first in order of merit at the undergraduate and post-graduate examinations of this university.

For M.V.Sc. programme there shall be two scholarships in each subject. The award of scholarships will be made on the basis of performance of the student in the first semester of M.V.Sc.

There will be two scholarships for Ph.D. in each subject. A scholarship will be awarded on the basis of performance at the M.V.Sc. level. However, this scholarship will be given from the registration date at the end of successful completion of the first semester of Ph.D. programme. The total period of the scholarship shall be 22 months.

Note – The continuation of M.V.Sc and Ph.D. fellowships will be governed by the ICAR fellowships rules (junior research fellow for M.V.Sc and senior research fellow for Ph.D. programme.)
Some scholarships are available to post-graduate students of animal husbandry and fisheries science under institutional research promotion programme (IRPP).

2. Scholarships offered by the government of India through the director of college education, government of Rajasthan by advertisement in the newspapers

National scholarship scheme: This government of India merit scholarship is awarded to the post-matric students who have passed the last examination from any of the educational institutions situated in Rajasthan and whose parents annual income does not exceed Rs. 25,000./-
National loan scholarship scheme: This scheme is also of government of India and is available to needy and meritorious students of Indian nationality, who have passed specified annual examination (with full subjects), conducted by any statutory examination body, with at least 50 % in aggregate in the first attempt and the income of the parents and the student together does not exceed Rs. 25,000 per annum. This scholarship is renewable each year.

Need cum merit scholarship: All students whose parents guardian have an annual income of Rs. 20000/- and below, and secure 60 % marks or above in the last qualifying examination will be eligible to apply for this scholarship.
Scholarship to children of political sufferers: All children of political sufferers of Rajasthan having an annual income of less than 3600/- can avail of this scholarship provided they are studying in colleges situated in Rajasthan.

3. The following scholarships are awarded by the director, primary and secondary education, government of Rajasthan, Bikaner

Scholarship to the children of a government servant who expired while in service: children of the deceased government servants are entitled to this scholarship with the condition that (a) the government servant should have died during service in the government and (b) the children should study in a college in Rajasthan. In case a student fails in any class this scholarship will be stopped.

National scholarship to the children of teachers: students whose parents are teachers with an annual income not exceeding Rs. 25000/- and who secured 60 % or more marks in the last public examination are eligible for the scholarship.
Women merit scholarship – female students will be awarded scholarships for pursuing higher education. Students who have secured 60 % or more marks in the senior secondary/graduate examination shall be eligible to apply for the scholarship if the income of their parents does not exceed Rs. 6000/- P.A.

4. Post-Metric Scholarships to Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribes/Nomadic Tribes

Scholarships of Rs. 280/- p.m. is awarded to students of scheduled tribes/Nomadic Tribes provided that the income of the student’s parent’ guardian does not exceed Rs. 5001- p.m. (contact District Social Welfare Office for this).

5. Scholarship to the Children and Wives of the personnel of Defense Services killed during war against China in 1962 and Pakistan 1965 and 1971. Application forms for scholarship are obtainable from the office of the District Soldiers Board, which should be submitted along with the entitlement card.

6. Scholarship available through the Government of India

Merit cum means scholarship for undergraduates: Indian Council of Agricultural Research awards a scholarship value of Rs. 170/- p.m. Inclusive of all fees and other charges of the college for the full duration of the degree programme. The number of scholarships does not exceed 7% of the actual admission. Students whose parents have an income not exceeding Rs. 750/- p.m. and who have secured not less than 60% marks in the last qualifying examination and are Indian nationals are eligible for its. In the case of students, whose parent’s income exceeds Rs. 750/- p.m. national prize of Rs. 125/- and merit certificate will be awarded in lieu of the scholarship.


7. Freeship and Half-freeship In each class poor and deserving candidates are offered full freeship to the extent of 10% or half freeship to the extent of 20% and these are available to M.V.Sc. and Ph.D. students as well.

8. Scholarship from Other Sources: Mrs. Kusum Rathore Memorial Trust Scholarship for Undergraduate/Postgraduate students.

9. ICAR Junior Research Fellowship, Senior Research Fellowship for which direct application to ICAR is made when advertised.

10. Thesis contingency grant: Thesis contingency amount is also made available to M.V. Sc.students @ Rs. 5001- Ph.D. (C.W. students @ Rs.800/- with the following eligibility conditions.

A student who has completed coursework with the minimum OGPA required for A scholarship and has passed his/her comprehensive or preliminary examination.

He/she should be registered for full-time research in the IVth semester to avail of this.
He/she has been a regular student for 4 consecutive semesters without a gap on any ground whatsoever.
He/she has submitted the thesis not later than 5 semesters after registration for M.V.Sc.and not later than 6 semesters after the registration for Ph.D. (C.W) students.

He/she is not awarded a research fellowship with a contingency grant from any other source.

For further information and rules and regulations about the various scholarships/fellowships the students should contact the office of the Dean. A candidate is eligible to get only one scholarship at a time.