Livestock Research Station, CVAS, Bikaner

Livestock Research Station, Bikaner is functioning at College of Veterinary and Animal Science, Bikaner, and engaged with two research projects namely “Evaluation and improvement of Rathi cattle through breeding” and “Establishment of Rathi cattle breeding farm” under RKVY. The herd strength of pure bred Rathi cattle is about 282 with crossbred Rathi cattle of about 148 animals. The conservation and improvement work on the above two breeds were undertaken at the station. The improved germplasm is also distributed to non governmental organizations, gaushalas and individual breeders under technology transfer programme. During the financial year 2013-14 an income of Rs.58,07,460.00 have been generated through sale of milk, animals, farm yard manure, vermicompost and other misc. resources.

Apex Centre, Bikaner

Institutional Research at CVAS, Bikaner

Livestock Research Station, Beechwal, Bikaner

Livestock Research Station, Beechwal is situated about 12 km from Bikaner city with a total area of 459 Bigha land under its possession. One research project namely “Enhancing mutton productivity in Marwari sheep under arid conditions” is being run under initial amount of Rs.4 lacs revolving fund. Total number of Marwari sheep under this project is 145. About 120 Tharparkar cattle of research project “Establishment of Tharparkar cattle breeding farm” are being maintained at this station as a associated herd of Tharparkar cattle beside Livestock Research Station, Chandan. This station has also distributed about 26 animals to Gaushalas and Gram Panchayats. The station is also engaged in crop and seed production for which two water reservoirs were constructed for irrigation of crops at the station. The farm is having two diggies of one core and sixty lacs liter capacity covering an irrigated area of 40 hectares. The farm is also having green house and polyhouse. The trials of fodder crops are executed regularly on different fodder crops such as sorghum, bajra, chinnese cabbage, oat, lucerne and maize. During financial year 2013-14 this station has generated a total income of Rs.36,31,996.00 through crop and seed production, sale of milk & animals and other miscellaneous sources.

Livestock Research Station, Kodamdesar (Bikaner)

Livestock Research Station, Kodamdesar was established with a total area of land about 5175.25 Bigha. At present two research projects are being undertaken at this station namely “Conservation, evaluation and improvement of Sahiwal cattle” and “Conservation, evaluation and improvement of Kankrej cattle”. The work on conservation and improvement on both the cattle breeds is going on in full swing. The progressive breeders purchase cows and heifers at the time of auction and on book value. Male germplasm is also being provided to the NGOs and Gaushalas at free of cost. In the year 2013 -14 about 2 germplasms have been distributed. The herd strength of Kankrej cattle has increased from 346 to 461. Sewan grass based pasture development and green fodder production work has been started in 25 hectare area at the centre under RKVY Project. Further, a goat unit with a strength of 176 and a sheep unit with a strength of 241 are also maintained on farm under research programme. The total income of the station during year 2013-14 is Rs. 36,33,900.00 which is generated through crop production, sale of milk and miscellaneous sources.