Laboratory facilities

Four well equiped laboratories are available in the department of Veterinary Surgery and Radiology to conduct different type of teaching, research and extenton activities.
Surgical and other units:

  1. Bovine operation theatre
  2. Equine operation theatre
  3. Small Ruminant operation theatre
  4. Small Animal operation theatre
  5. Rumenotomy hall with travis
  6. Large Animal Outdoor Surgical unit
  7. Small Animal Outdoor Surgical unit
  8. X-ray unit with darkroom
  9. Ultrasonography unit
  1. Bovine surgery Hydraulic bed
  2. Equine surgery Hydraulic bed
  3. Canine surgery tilting table
  4. Small animal inhalant anaesthesia machine
  5. Portable X-ray machine
  6. Portable ultrasonography machine (coloured Doppler)
  7. Otoscope
  8. Ophthalmoscope
  9. Veterinary Specific Binocular Indirect ophthalmoscope
  10. Opthtalmic unit including Ophthalmic operating microscope
  11. Biopsy instruments
  12. Diathermy Unit
  13. Ultrasonic Therapy Unit
  14. Electrosurgical Unit
  15. Calf resuscitator
  16. Foal resuscitator
  17. Teat instruments
  18. Veterinary Dental Instruments incuding Dental Scaler and Dental Float
Teaching Aids
  1. Screen Projector
  2. Live visual operation theators
  3. Posters
  4. Chalk boards
  1. P.G. – Two seats
  2. Ph.D. – Two seats