Livestock Research Station, VALLBHNAGAR/ CVAS, NAVANIA, Udaipur


A. ICAR Projects
1. Network Project on Buffalo (Surti) Improvement at Livestock Research Station (LRS), Vallabhnagar, Udaipur – 211.00 lacs (Five Years)
2. AICRP on Genetic Improvement of Sirohi Goats in ‘Farmers’ Flock at LRS, Vallabhnagar, Udaipur – 187.01 lacs (Five Years)
3. Mega Sheep Seed Project (Sonadi) at CVAS, Navania, Vallabhnagar, Udaipur – 198.00 lacs (Five Years)
4. Experiential Learning Unit: Pet (Pups) Production/Pet Spa/ Pet Boarding at CVAS, Navania, Vallabhnagar, Udaipur – 99.00 lacs
5. Experiential Learning Unit: Broiler and Layer Production at CVAS, Navania, Vallabhnagar, Udaipur – 60.00 lacs

B. ICAR Project under Tribal Sub Plan (TSP)

1. Establishment of Advanced Training Centre in the field of Animal Husbandry, CVAS, Navania, Vallabhnagar (Udaipur) – 14.50 lacs
2. Establishment of Mobile Ambulatory & Mobile Diagnostic Services for Tribal Area in Southern Districts of Rajasthan, CVAS, Navania, Vallabhnagar (Udaipur) – 105.50 lacs
3. Production and Dissemination of Preservation Technologies of Important Fodder to Youth and Farm Women of Tribal Area of Southern Rajasthan, CVAS, Navania, Vallabhnagar (Udaipur) – 26.00 lacs

C. Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (RKVY)

1. Establishment of Gir Cattle Breeding Farm at CVAS, Navania, Vallabhnagar (Udaipur) – 725 Lacs
2. Establishment of Centre for HRD in the Field of Veterinary Community of Southern Rajasthan at CVAS, Navania, Vallabhnagar (Udaipur) – 1970.00 lacs
3. Establishment of Live Demonstration Models of Diversified Livestock Production Systems for Motivating Adaption to Enhance Agricultural Income at Bikaner and Vallabhnagar Campuses – 60 lacs (Total Project Cost)
4. Demonstration and Dissemination of More Remunerative Sirohi Goat Farming System under National Mission on Protein Supplementation sub-stream of Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (RKVY) at Livestock Research Station, Chittorgarh – 247.46 lacs
5. RKVY Project on Hydroponics Technology at CVAS, Navania, Vallabhnagar.

D. Non – Plan Unit at LRS, Vallabhnagar
1. Non – Plan Unit of Murrah Buffaloes,
2. Non – Plan Unit of Sirohi Goats

E. Revolving Fund (RF) at LRS, Vallabhnagar
1. Unit of CB Cows
2. Fodder Production Unit
3. Vermi Compost Unit
4. Mineral Mixture Unit

F. State Plan
1. CVAS, SP – 3 – 375.55 lacs
2. LRS, SP – 8 – 137 lacs

G. Project Completed
1. Veterinary Clinical Complex for Advanced Animal Disease, Diagnosis, Treatment, Surveillance and Monitoring.