Circular & Notification

Order No.DateDescription
No.F.4(60)/PA/CVAS/2017/62728/08/2017 Office Order (Anti-ragging Squads)
No.F.4(60)/PA/CVAS/2017/62828/08/2017 Circular (College Campus) Reg. Anti Ragging
No.F.4(60)/PA/CVAS/2017/62928/08/2017 Office Order (contact Numbers) Reg. Aniti-Ragging
No.F.4(60)/PA/CVAS/2017/63028/08/2017 Circular (Punishment) Reg. Anti Ragging
No: F.(08)/RAJUVAS/Reg./Gen/2017/5331/01/2017Order to effectively Organize Sand Dunes International short film festival (2016)
No:F.(59)/RAJUVAS/Reg./Gen./2016/74422/12/2016University Order
No:F.(342)/RAJUVAS/Reg./Gen./2016/55919/11/2016Toll free helpline facility
VCB/Stu/F-Reg/16/165922/06/2016All the Student of I & II B.V.Sc. & A.H. after completion of their annual Examination are advised to get themselves registered in II & III B.V.Sc. & A.H.
No:F.(01)/RAJUVAS/COMP./Audit/2016/37801/09/2016राजकीय धन/संपति के दुर्विनियोजन, गबन,चोरी एवं हानि के प्रकरणों मे प्रभावी कार्यवाही करने बाबत परिपत्र
No: F-2(I-T) RAJUVAS/C/2016-17/18020/08/2016Reduction in threshold limit for e-procurement from 01 September, 2016
No:F.(126)/RAJUVAS/Reg./Gen./2016/47309/08/2016Free Education to the Orphan Student
No: F. (11)/RAJUVAS/Reg./P.A./2016/31704/08/2016University Order
No:F.(23) RAJUVAS/Reg/Gen2016/44930/07/2016 स्वतंत्रा दिवस समारोह, 15/08/2016 राजुवास
No:F.(342) RAJUVAS/Reg/Gen2016/43829/07/2016Helpline System (24*7) under I.U.M.S.
No: F. (251) RAJUVAS/Reg/Gen/2016/43628/07/2016VCI - Minimum Standard of Veterinary Education - Degree Course (B.V.Sc. & A.H.) Regulation, 2016
No: F. (59) RAJUVAS/Reg/Gen/2016/28004/05/2016Bhamashah card identity (Proof of Identity) and address (Proof of address) as a recognized certificate
No: F. (35) RAJUVAS/Reg/Gen/2015/73919/11/2015VCI Permission for admission of students for first year B.V.Sc. & A.H. programme at C.V.A.S. Navania, vallabhnagar, Udaipur
No: F. (264) RAJUVAS/Reg/Gen/2015/69720/10/2015 VCI Permission for admission of students for first year B.V.Sc. & A.H. programme at P.G.I.V.E.R., Jaipur
No: F. (116) RAJUVAS/Reg/Gen/2015/41622/06/2015Minimum student attendance requriment
No: F. (116) RAJUVAS/Reg/Gen/2015/41722/06/2015Prohibition of private tuition to students by University Teachers
No: F. (116) RAJUVAS/Reg/Gen/2015/41922/06/2015Improvement in examination system and prevention of en masse copying
No: F. (115) RAJUVAS/Reg/Gen/2015/41822/06/2015Communication of Topic wise Lecture Schudule to Students