University Officers


Name Sh. B.R. Meena (R.A.S.)
Designation Registrar, RAJUVAS
Email Id
Address M:7073677555
Telephone No. 0151-2540028


Name Sh. Arvind Bishnoi
Designation Comptroller, RAJUVAS
Email Id
Address M:9413382991
Telephone No. 0151-2540022

Other Information:

Sh. Arvind Bishnoi was born on 4th October, 1965 in village Sito Gunno (Punjab). He completed his primary is education in Bhatinda.  He did his middle and Secondary education at  Birla Public School pilani. and graduated in B.A. (H) Economics from Ramjas College, Delhi University.  He joined R.Ac. S. (Rajasthan Accounts Service) on March, 1994 through RPSC. After serving in various capacities like Accounts Officer in DRDA,  Hanumangarh and S.P. Medical Collage, Bikaner of Treasury officer hanumangarh, Senior Accounts Officer in Irrigation department, Hanumangarh; Chief Accounts Officer in Ayurveda Department, Financial Adviser in CAD and Elementary Education, Bikaner,  he has joined as Comptroller in RAJUVAS on 07.07.2015.


Dean & Faculty Chairman

Name Dr.G.S. Manohar
Designation Dean & Faculty Chairman
Email Id
Address 27, Gandhi Nagar, Near Narendra Bhawan, Bikaner 334001(Rajasthan)
Telephone No. 0151-2543429 (O)

Other Information:
Dr. G.S. Manohar born on 25thJune, 1957 in Jobner (Jaipur) Rajasthan, He completed his school education in Jaipur district and then First year TDC from Dungar College, Bikaner under Rajasthan University, Jaipur.

He did his B.V.Sc.& A.H. (1979) from University of Udaipur, Udaipur and M.V.Sc. (1982) from M.L.Sukhadia University, Udaipur. Dr. Manohar completed his Ph.D. (1990) from Haryana Agricultural University, Hissar. His field of specialization is Immuno parasitology. He has been awarded Senior Research Fellowship from Indian Council of Agricultural Research from 1986. He received best research article award of the year 1995 as Co-Author by Indian Association for The Advancement of Veterinary Parasitology. He is life member of IAAVP, ISVIB and member of ISP societies. He has published over 25 research papers, 02 popular articles and A Text Book of Livestock Production and Management-I and a Practical Manual. He has over 30 years of experience of teaching,research and extension including over 05 years as Head of Department of Veterinary Parasitology (Professor from 08-12-2004) and guided 12 M.V.Sc. students. He is member of staff council, academic council of RAJUVAS, Bikaner. He has worked as first Registrar of RAJUVAS and presently working as Professor and Head Veterinary Parasitology and DEAN, Post Graduate Studies, RAJUVAS, Bikaner.

Dean of PG studies

Name Dr. S. K. Kashyap
Designation Dean of PG studies
Email Id
Address A-31, Khaturia colony Bikaner – 334001 Rajasthan.
Telephone No. 9351593408

Other Information:
Dr. S. K. Kashyap born on 5th May, 1958 in Bikaner (Rajasthan), where he completed his school education. He did his B.V. Sc. & A.H.(1979) and M.V.Sc. Veterinary Microbiology (1982) from college of Veterinary & Animal Science, Bikaner, University of Udaipur, Rajasthan and Ph.D.(1992) in Molecular Biology from Shemyak in Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow. His field of specialization is Molecular Microbiology. He has more than 30 years of experience of teaching, research and extension including more than 14 years as Head, Department of Veterinary Microbiology & Biotechnology (Professor form 09-02-2004). He has been awarded Junior Research Fellowship from Indian Council of Agricultural Research for pursuing M.V.Sc. and fellowship from Govt of India for pursuing Ph.D. in erstwhile USSR.He has published more than 30 Research Papers in various national and international journals of repute. He is life members of 3 scientific societies and guided 1 Ph.D. student in Vet Microbiology, 10 M.V.Sc. students in Vet. Microbiology, 1 M.Sc. students in Animal Biotechnology. He is also working as D.D.O. of the College since May 2005.

Controller of Examinations

Name Dr. S.S.Soni
Designation Controller of Examinations & AHDP Coordinator
Email Id
Address B-36, Karni Nagar (Lallgarh) Opposite Town Planning Office Bikaner – 334001 Rajasthan
Telephone No. 0151-2200829; 9414604329

Other Information:
Dr. S.S.Soni born on 2nd June, 1957 in Jasol village of Barmer (Rajasthan), where he completed his school education. He did his B.Sc. (1977) from Jodhpur University, B.V.Sc. & A.H. (1981) and M.V.Sc (1984) from College of Veterinary & Animal Science (Bikaner), Mohan Lal Sukadia University, Udaipur and Ph.D.(1996) from CCS H.A.U. Hissar. He has been awarded Senior Research Fellowship from ICAR. His field of specialization is Veterinary Microbiology.
He has more than 28 years of services as senior faculty (Professor form 14-09-2005) in Department of Veterinary Microbiology & Biotechnology. He also acted as Assistant Superintendent of Examination (CVAS) and Nodal Officer for affiliation and inspection for AHDP programme and private Veterinary colleges. He has published and presented more than 30 research papers at various international and national levels. He is life member of IAVMI, IAAVR, ISVIB scientific societies and guided 7 M.V.Sc and M.Sc. students.

Director of Research

Name Dr. Rakesh Rao
Designation Director Research
Email Id ,
Address B-279, Karni Nagar, Near Lalgarh Palace, Bikaner 334 001(Rajasthan)
Telephone No. 0151-2545359 (O) 08107110011 (M)

Other Information:
Dr. Rakesh Rao born on 4th April, 1960 in village Bairasar Chotta, Tehsil Rajgarh, District Churu (Rajasthan) did his schooling in Bikaner. He obtained his B.V.Sc. & A.H. (1984) and M.V.Sc. (1987) from College of Veterinary and Animal Science, Bikaner, Sukhadia University, Udaipur. He obtained his Ph.D (1997) from CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar.

His field of specialization is veterinary public health and epidemiology. Initially he was appointed at Livestock Research Station, Nohar and was engaged in evaluation, improvement and conservation of Rathi cattle germplasm. He remained Officer Incharge, Livestock Research Station, Nohar for 8 years. Currently he is also heading the Department of Veterinary Public Health in addition to Directorate of Research.

He has guided 4 M.V.Sc. students and continues to be Hostel Warden since 2002. He was engaged in research, planning, formulation and monitoring of research projects at Directorate of Research, Veterinary and Animal Science, Bikaner for 14 years (Professor form 27-07-2006). He is founder Principal of Animal Husbandry Diploma Institute, Nohar. He has participated and published more than 35 papers in various national and international conferences in India and abroad. He is life member of IAAP, ISVEPM and IAVPHS. Also remained executive committee member of IAVPHS for 8 years.

Dean Student Walfare

Name Dr. Subhash C. Goswami
Designation Dean Student Walfare
Email Id
Telephone No. 09414604655

Director of Extension

Name Dr. R. K. Dhuria
Designation Director of Extension Education, RAJUVAS, Bikaner
Email Id
Telephone No. 09414283388