Out Reach Program

“Dhine Re Batya” Aakashwani Programme

University in its outreach activities exclusively for the farmers started a sponsored programme entitled “Dhine Re Batya” on All India Radio from 10 January 2013 from Bikaner Aakashwani Kendra. The programme was broadcast on every Thursday from 7.15 PM to 7.45 PM. Later, with the success of the programme and upon receiving vast appreciation from farmers, on 14th May 2014 the broadcast of the programme was extended to entire State i.e. now the programme is broadcasted from all the 17 Aakashwani Kendras of Rajasthan for half an hour from 5.30 PM to 6.00 PM on every Thursday. The sponsored programme is entirely on animal husbandry sector for livestock owners and farmers. The subject matter specialists of different disciplines of veterinary and animal science deliver talks and discuss about various problems of livestock, adaptable technologies, scientific knowledge and other updates that may help the livestock owners for better livelihood from animal husbandry sector and scientific practices in terms of feeding, breeding, management and health control, may be adopted by livestock owners for improving productivity and health status of animals.

Advisory Services through SMS and Toll Free Help Line

With the commitment of University to shift Radio-govemance an “SMS Advisory Service” to farmers has also been brought in practice by the University. The details of farmers along with the mobile number and other details are uploaded in the software and SMS advisory, as well as fore-warning of diseases in his area with preventive measures, are forwarded to the farmers as and when needed. The registration of farmers with SMS service is a regular ongoing feature so as to increase out reach of the University for benefit of maximum number of livestock owners in the State. Further a “Toll Free Helpline” has been launched by University for use by livestock and poultry owners as well as vets and para-vets to seek information and guidance in the area of veterinary and animal science to solve their problems. The toll free number is 0151 -2200064. This helpline has become a viable tool to livestock owners for contacting experts and communicating their problems to receive solutions.

Publication of Monthly Hindi Bulletin MPashu Palan Naye Aayaam”

“Pashu Palan Naye Aayaam” a monthly bulletin is published by Directorate of Extension Education of the University. The bulletin contains information on animal husbandry practices, diseases and their prevention, improved feeding, breeding and management aspects for the use of livestock owners.

In addition to this, important news in animal husbandry and agriculture sector, disease fore-warning and schedule of Radio of “Dhine Re Batya” on AIR the. The bulletin is published on 1st of every month and disseminated to the farmers by post. The bulletin has received wide appreciation and has been reported to be very useful by the farmers.

Publication of Quarterly Hindi Bulletin "Pashu Aahar Evam Chara Bulletin”

Livestock Feed Resource Management and Technology Centre, Bikaner is publishing a Quarterly Hindi Bulletin “Pashu Aahar Evam Chara Bulletin” for farmers’ community. This bulletin is providing the information to the farmers about the package of practices for different grasses and fodder production in different t seasons, preparation of balanced ration as well as knowledge about the of feed and fodder and their prices. The bulletin is disseminated to the farmers by post and has received wide appreciation.

Organisation of Treatment and Infertility Camps

The university regularly organises treatment and infertility camps as a part of its outreach programme in the villages Radio veterinary services for the well being of livestock and farmers at the doorstep of farmers. In it is not only that veterinary care service a to livestock owners but improved practices of animal husbandry broadcast to the farmers for improvement in productivity and health status of animals.

Disease Out Break Attending Service

University has created separate Apex Centre for disease diagnosis and particularly, in the state of othe The centre receives samples from entire Radio for diagnosis of diseases and advisory for control and treatment. In the state of emergency of any disease outbreak the team of apex centre immediately rush to the area of othe utbreak to diagnose the disease and check mortalities. On an average 10- 15 outbreaks are attended by the team every year so as to check the , as well as fore-warning of diseases in his area with preventive measures, and prevent or reduce losses to animal husbandry sector of stthe ate which is bbroadcastof rural economy.

Organizations of Training

The trainings are regularly imparted as an extension service to the livestock owners and farmers on all aspects of animal husbandry, the improve animal husbandry practices in the state for improved productivity of animals and better livelihood of the farmers.



  1. वेटरनरी विश्वविद्यालय : प्रो. सुनीता रानी को अधिष्ठाता स्नातकोत्तर शिक्षा का अतिरिक्त प्रभार
  2. आर.के.वी.वाई. निदेशक श्री आनन्द कृष्ण का पी.जी.आई.वी.ई.आर., जयपुर भ्रमण
  3. वेटरनरी विश्वविद्यालय : जयमलसर में स्वच्छता रैली व गोष्ठी का हुआ आयोजन
  4. वेटरनरी विश्वविद्यालय में पशुचिकित्सा क्षेत्र में उद्यमशीलता की संभावनाएं पर विशेषज्ञ सत्र का आयोजन
  5. वेटरनरी विश्वविद्यालय में चतुर्थ दीक्षान्त समारोह का आयोजन 756 उपाधियों और 27 स्वर्ण पदकों से किया विद्यार्थियों को अलंकृत राज्यपाल श्री कलराज मिश्र ने की आनलाइन शिरकत
  6. वेटरनरी विश्वविद्यालय स्नातक चतुर्थ वर्ष परीक्षा का परिणाम घोषित योगेश डोकवाल मेरिट में रहे अव्वल
  7. वेटरनरी विश्वविद्यालय गाढ़वाला में स्वच्छता रैली व गोष्ठी का हुआ आयोजन
  8. वेटरनरी कॉलेज, नवानियॉ में पांच दिवसीय एन.सी.सी. प्रशिक्षण शिविर का समापन
  9. वेटरनरी विश्वविद्यालय का वर्चुअल चतुर्थ दीक्षांत समारोह 25 को, राज्यपाल मिश्र आनलाइन करेंगे शिरकत, विद्यार्थियों को मिलेंगे 756 उपाधियों और 27 स्वर्ण पदक
  10. वेटरनरी विश्वविद्यालय द्वारा जयमलसर में उन्नत पशुपालन पर 24 पशुपालकों का प्रशिक्षण संपन्न
  11. स्वच्छ बीकाणां-स्वस्थ बीकाणां अभियान एनसीसी घुड़सवार व पैदल कैडेटस व नागरिकों की निकली जन जागरूकता रैली
  12. नागरिक सुरक्षा स्वयंसेवकों ने पशुआपदा प्रबंधन के सीखे गुर
  13. वेटरनरी कॉलेज, नवानियॉ में पांच दिवसीय एन.सी.सी. प्रशिक्षण शिविर का आयोजन
  14. डॉ. हेमन्त जोशी माचिया जैविक उद्यान, जोधपुर की सलाहकार समिति के सदस्य मनोनीत
  15. पी.जी.आई.वी.ई.आर., जयपुर द्वारा “स्व प्रबंधन एवं व्यवसायिकता” विषय पर राष्ट्रीय वेबिनार का आयोजन
  16. पशुपालन और ग्रामीण विकास पर राज्य के नाबार्ड जिला विकास प्रबंधकों और पशुपालन वैज्ञानिकों की संरचनात्मक बैठक एवं परिचर्चा शुक्रवार को
  17. वेटरनरी विश्वविद्यालय में गलघोंटू रोग पर राज्य स्तरीय ई-पशुपालक चौपाल गलघोंटू पशुओं में होने वाला एक घातक संक्रामक रोग
  18. वेटरनरी विश्वविद्यालय का चतुर्थ वर्चुअल दीक्षांत समारोह 25 फरवरी को 756 को उपाधियां और 27 को स्वर्ण पदकों से नवाजा जाएगा
  19. वेटरनरी विश्वविद्यालय में बोर्ड आफ स्टडीज की 11वीं बैठक संपन्न
  20. पी.जी.आई.वी.ई.आर., जयपुर में चार दिवसीय श्वान मोतियाबिन्द शल्य चिकित्सा जांच शिविर का आयोजन
  1. पशु अनुसंधान केन्द्र, चांदन (जैसलमेर) पर गायों का दूध विक्रय हेतु निविदा सूचना (01/03/2021)
  2. e-Tender for Mash Cattle feed plant with bagging section at L.S.A. Bikaner (Last Date : 09/03/2021)
  3. Tender notice for Biosafety Cabinet type – B2 at PGIVER, Jaipur
  4. Limited Tender for UTM at CVAS, Navania, Udaipur
  5. Limited tender for Sanitary Items at CVAS, Navania, Udaipur
  6. Limited Tender for Electrical Items at CVAS, Navania, Udaipur
  7. Limited Tender for Animal House Items at CVAS, Navania, Udaipur
  8. पशु अनुसंधान केंद्र, कोडांदेसर, बीकानेर मे बकरे व बकरियों की नीलामी हेतु अल्प कालीन निविदा
  9. रेडीमेड पॉल्ट्री फीड की आपूर्ती हेतु ई-निविदा बिड़ खोलने की तिथि 28/01/2021 को दोपहर 12:30 बजे राखी गई है
  10. Comparative statement of Technical Bid for Mineral Mixture Plant (NIB-02/2020)
  11. e-Tender for Mash Cattle feed plant with bagging section is cancelled
  12. Tender for Construction, Repair & Renovation work at PGIVER, Jiapur & RAJUVAS, Bikaner (Last Date: 16/02/2021)
  13. Short term Tender for Printing of Degrees certificates & Degree folder (Last date: 28-01-2020)
  14. Tender for Milk at LRS, Vallabhnagar, Udaipur
  15. Corrigendum : E-tender for poultry feed at CVAS, Bikaner
  16. निविदा निरस्त सूचना
  17. Limited Tender for Stailonery lterns at CVAS, Navania, Udaipur (Last Date: 04/12/2020)
  18. Limited Tender for Poultry Feed at CVAS, Navania, Udaipur (Last Date: 04/12/2020)
  19. CORRIGENDUM : e-Tender for Mash cattle feed plant with bagging section & Mineral mixture plant at RKVY on Establishment of cattle feed processing unite at various Livestock farms of the University
  20. पशुधन अनुसंधान केन्द्र, बीछवाल फार्म की मूँगफली की फसल को थ्रेसिंग से निकालने, थ्रेसर मय ट्रेक्टर उपलब्ध कराने हेतु व श्रमिकों को लगाने हेतु व मशीन द्वारा चुगाई हेतु निविदाएँ (अंतिम तिथि : 06/11/2020)
  1. Work Order to M/S Shri Shyam Trading Co. for Supply Readymade Poultry feed make “Godrej Agrovet”
  2. Work Order to M/S Jhalak Medicine Agency for supply of Readymade Poultry feed
  3. Office Order to M/S Raghav Enterprises for Poultry feed
  4. Office Order for supply of cattle and poultry feed row materials
  5. Work order to M/s Moomal Associate for Construction of Building, Lab and other work at K.V.K. Nohar
  6. Office Order for supply of cattle and poultry feed row materials
  7. कार्यभार हस्तांतरण प्रमाण पत्र
  8. Work Order to K2 Infragen Pvt. Ltd. for Civil Work at PGIVER, Jaipur
  9. Work Order to M/s Bhati. Const. Co. for Civil work for strengthening of RATHI cattle farm and Organic Dairy at LRS, Bikaner
  10. The item has been purchase through Gem portal (Chairs)
  11. The item has been purchase through Gem portal (Air Conditioner)
  12. Approved order of AC & Water cooler for repair and replacement of spare parts
  13. Work Order to M/S Raghav Enterprises for Supply of Poultry feed at CVAS, Bikaner
  14. Work Order to 1. M/s Raghav Enterprises & 2. M/s Jhalak Medical Agency for poultry feed 2020-21
  15. Work Order to M/s Rapid Radio Solution Pvt.Ltd. for RFID Based Library System
  16. Work Order to M/s Raju Salim for Work to be carried as un-skilled animal farm/any other purpose workers at CVAS, Bikaner
  17. Work Order to M/S Informatics Publishing Limited for Digitization
  18. Single Source Procurement for Annual Maintenance Contract and Repair for Labconco USA make ultrapure water purification system
  19. Work Order to M/S Abhishek Traters for Supply of Feed Ingredients at CVAS, Bikaner
  20. Work Order to M/S Aditya Enterprises for Supply of Feed Ingredients at CVAS, Bikaner