Laboratory facilities

Well-established labs, with major equipments are available. The Department possesses the facilities to conduct research on gross histo-morphological and hiso-chemical aspects on various organs of domestic/wild animals, as it is well equipped with good laboratory facilities such as dissection hall, osteology lab, histology and histochemistry lab, a PG lab, embryology lab, an Embalming Hall and a museum. The museum contains many fibro glass models of splanchnology including a model of complete cow depicting in-situ positions of different muscles, bones and organs. It also has the skeletons of some of the zoo animals.


Equipments/ Teaching Aids:

1 Close Circuit TV attached to Microscope 2003
2 Compute with Printer 2004
3 Automatic Staining Machine 2006
4 Splanchnology Models 2007
5 Binocular Microscopes 2006-07
6 LCD Projector 2007
7 Bone decalcifier with digital temperature 2013
8 Rotary Microtome (Two) 2013
9 Automatic Microtome Knife sharpener old
10 Paraffin dispenser 2013
11 Double water distillation 2013
12 Color video equipment with microscope 2013
13 Image analyzer software 2013
14 Automatic Slide Projector 2013
15 Overhead Projector
16 Calculator (Casio)
17 Junior Medical Microscopes
18 Trinoculor Microscope (Olympus)
19 Laboratory Microscopes Model GB (Olympus)
20 Water Bath (Thematically controlled)
21 Magnus Color Imagining System (CCTV)
22 Tissue Floatation Bath
23 Weighing Scale (Chetak)
24 Water Steel Automatic
25 Precisior Rotary Microtome
26 Microtome Knives
27 Laboratory Monocular Microscopes, Model H.B.
28 Laser Printer Monochrome Resolution
29 Automatic Slide Staining Machine (Yorko)
30 Multimedia Projector (Epson)
31 Senior Medical Microscopes
32 Various Demonstration Models (Plastic) of Different parts of Ox & Horse.
33 Kelvinator Refrigerator
34 Binocular Research Microscope (Olympus)
35 Ocular Micrometer
36 Split AC for Lab. With Stabilizer
37 Hot Plates 8” Dia. & 17.5cm Dia (Round)
38 Trinoculor Microscope with digital Camera (Carl Ziess)
39 RO System
40 Double Water Distillation
41 Air Curtain
42 Tissue Floatation Bath
43 Hot Air Oven Universal
44 Deep Freezer
45 Wax Dispenser
46 Cadaverous Injector