Shri Kalyan Singh,Chancellor
Prof.A.K. Gahlot, Vice Chancellor
  • Two days training for the livestock owners about advanced animal nutrition techniques and methods. Held on 26/11/2014 at RAJUVAS
  • M-ceft award to Neha Sharma and Xceft award to Meenu Bhati for getting highest marks in B.V.Sc. A.H. degree
  • One more milestone for RAJUVAS as it got the Institutional Membership of NAAS (National Academy of Agricultural Sciences)
  • Cattle Breeder Conference at RAJUVAS held on 31-10-2014
  • Inauguration of Milk Testing & Research Lab by Hon,ble Animal Husb. Ministry & Vice-Chancellor RAJUVAS at PGIVER, Jaipur
  • International Symposium on Camel & Ruminant Surgery at RAJUVAS on 15-10-2014
  • Sensitization Workshop on " Sustainable Production from Indigenous Cattle" by RAJUVAS at PGI-VER, Jaipur
  • Prof. A.k. Gahlot received award from H.E. former president Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam at New Delhi
  • Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor at AYURVET Knowledge Symposium held on 8 October 2014 at New Delhi
  • Visit of Hon'ble CM Smt Vasundhara Raje at RAJUVAS stall in the Exhibition at Lunkaransar
  • Launching of “CLEAN-India Campaign” by Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor at RAJUVAS Campus, Bikaner on 2nd Oct., 2014
  • Bullock cart yatraa flagged off from Rajuvas organized under gau mahotsava
  • Inauguration of Extension bulletin by Hon’ble Chief Minister at RAJUVAS, Bikaner
  • Visit of Hon’ble Chief Minister to Green Fodder Production Unit by Hydroponic techniques at RAJUVAS Campus, Bikaner
  • Bird Hospital Services at Teaching Veterinary Clinical Complex, CVAS, (RAJUVAS) Bikaner
  • Visit of Animal Husbandry Minister Shre Prabhulal Saini at L.R.S. Kodamdesar
  • Word Veterinary Day Celebration at College of Veterinary & Animal Science, Bikaner
  • VI Convention of Society for Immunology & Immunopathology: International Symposium from 22-24 Dec., 2013 at RAJUVAS
  • VI Convention of Society for Immunology & Immunopathology: International Symposium from 22-24 Dec., 2013 at RAJUVAS
  • Rajasthan University of Veterinary and Animal Science, Bikaner
  • Inauguration of two days Woman Goat Rearing Training by Honourable Chancellor at CVAS, Navaina.
  • Visit of Honourable Chancellor to the Veterinary College, Navaina , Udaipur.
  • Release of Extension bulletin by Honourable Chancellor at CVAS, Naviania, Udaipur.
  • Inauguration of Centre for Ethno-Veterinary Practice & Alternative Medicine by Honourable Vice-Chancellor at CVAS, Bikaner.
  • NAVS workshops at Jaipur campus of RAJUVAS.
  • Release of Hindi Bulletin by Honourable Vice-Chancellor at Bikaner Campus.
  • Laying of Foundation Stock of Building of PGIVER at Jaipur
  • Centre for Disaster Management Technology for Animals: Newly Designed Sheds for Animal
  • Eduactional Visit of School Students at RAJUVAS Musium, Bikaner.
  • Centre for Ethno-Veterinary Practice & Alternative Medicine at CVAS, Bikaner.
  • Opening of AICRP-GOAT sub center at Kansingh ki sid (Jodhpur)



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